It's a joy for any sportsfan and even more for a football fan, as in my case, to see the efforts made by many individuals and organizations to provide opportunities for young people to enjoy what they like : play.

And through playing they learn to share, to work together, to struggle for themselves and for others values ​​that surely they will be very helpful in life. The referees Catalan Football Federation  always try to instill these qualities.

The Technical Committee of Referees wants to welcome all participating teams and their escorts and congratulate Euro-Sportring for work carried out over many years organizing tournaments in Catalonia. I myself was formed first as a player and later as a referee, owing to the efforts of many people and this kind of initiatives

And finally, a wish that Fair Play will be visible in every game of the tournament!




Santa Susanna is proud too host a lot of teams who participate in the tournaments of Euro-sportring..

These events implies that they will visitour small municipality, where numerous people love sport. The organization of tournaments and championships will be an excellent opportunity for our village to promote sport at school-level, at amateur level and at the highest professional level.

It is therefore, that I want to give a warm welcome to all the participants of the tournament as well as to all those that will accompany them. I wish you all the best success, both regarding the organization of and the participation in the tournament.

I hope you will enjoy the tournament in a fair, friendly and festive atmosphere. I hope that you will enjoy your stay in our municipality, that you will feel at home and that you will visit us again because of the pleasant memories.

Joan Campolier Montsant

Mayor of the City council of Santa Susanna